Frank Thomson Drawing Room Ticket (for Two)

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There is a double occupancy drawing room available in the Frank Thomson. The group that purchases this room will be entitled to this room for the duration of the round trip (maximum of two people per room). The drawing room passengers will also have access to the table areas in all three cars (when not in use for meal service) and the observation lounge in the Frank Thomson (with seating in this area managed by Broadway Limited staff). Meal service will be served in the lounges unless bedroom service is requested. The price of this ticket includes five on board meals for two people (lunch and dinner on Friday, breakfast on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday) as well as sleeping accommodations for two people aboard the historic railcar for two nights in Pittsburgh. Each drawing room passenger will be furnished with a custom Broadway Limited amenities kit. Each bedroom is equipped with an annex, which features a toilet and a folding sink in a space slightly larger than the restroom on a commercial airliner. A shower is available on the car for use by all overnight guests. Shower accommodations and towels will be provided by Broadway Limited staff upon request.